The New Images of War

The New Images of War

We discuss how our views of war are shaped by cell phone photos, YouTube videos and images from photojournalists on the front lines.

Since photography’s rudimentary beginnings, the medium has played an instrumental role in our understanding of conflict. Today, with the rise of social media and more affordable camera technology, we’re confronted with more images of war than ever before; graphic photos of battles in Syria taken by civilians with cellphone cameras regularly enter our Twitter feeds while equally shocking videos circulate on YouTube. We discuss how these images influence our perception of modern day conflicts and ask war photographers how it affects their work on the front lines.


MaryAnne Golon

Director of Photography, Washington Post

Susan Linfield

Director, Cultural Reporting and Criticism program, New York University; author, "The Cruel Radiance: Photography and Political Violence"

Moises Saman

Photographer, Magnum Photos

Robert King

Photojournalist and videographer

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