What's At Stake In El Salvador's Presidential Election

What's At Stake In El Salvador's Presidential Election

Salvadorans will vote Feb. 2 for a new president, with absentee ballots cast for the first time by expats. We explore the impact on Washington's big Salvadoran community.

Voters go to the polls in El Salvador on Feb. 2, and Washington's large Salvadoran community will be watching closely. This is the first election in which emigres can vote by absentee ballot. But it's also a contest for the direction of a nation with a tepid economy that relies heavily on remittances from Salvadorans in the U.S. Kojo examines the challenges facing El Salvador and asks how the election will affect the Washington region's largest immigrant community.


Geoff Thale

Program Director, Washington Office on Latin America

Abel Nunez

Executive Director, Central American Resource Center

Luis Reyes

Co-owner, Lauriol Plaza Restaurant and Cactus Cantina

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