Anonymous Speech And Online Reviews

Guest Host:

Marc Fisher
Anonymous Speech And Online Reviews

A recent Virginia court ruling requires Yelp to reveal the identities of users behind a handful of negative reviews. We discuss the ruling and its implications for anonymous speech.

Anonymous reviews are a staple of life on the Internet, but a recent court ruling could change that. A Virginia court told Yelp to name a half-dozen people who wrote negative reviews about a local business. The business claims the naysayers weren't real customers, but Yelp says divulging personal information violates the users' First Amendment rights. We discuss what the ruling means for consumer reviews and anonymous speech online.


Paul Levy

Attorney, Public Citizen

Bruce Davis

Attorney, Bean Kinney & Korman attorneys

Vince Sollitto

Vice president, communications, Yelp.

Ramsey Poston

Spokesperson, Hadeed Carpet Cleaning; senior counsel, Dominion Strategies

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