Coup Or Revolt?: Why Defining Egypt's Transition Matters

Coup Or Revolt?: Why Defining Egypt's Transition Matters

We explore how the recent ousting of then-President Mohamed Morsi in Egypt has raised questions about laws dictating U.S. foreign policy.

When mass protests filled Tahrir Square earlier this summer, the Egyptian military gave then-President Mohamed Morsi an ultimatum to meet popular demands or face intervention. Morsi was removed from power, and the question of whether that move was the result of a coup or a popular revolt is one that will determine whether the United States can legally continue to provide aid to Egypt. Kojo explores what's at stake in this debate for both countries, and how it may affect conversations about American aid throughout the world.


Morton Halperin

senior adviser, Open Society Foundation

Ozan Varol

assistant professor of law, Lewis & Clark Law School;

Ashraf Khalil

journalist; and author of "Liberation Square: Inside the Egyptian Revolution and the Rebirth of a Nation" (St. Martin's Press)

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