Rethinking Higher Education

Rethinking Higher Education

As the deadline nears for Congress to address student loan rates, Kojo talks with the editor of the Chronicle of Higher Education, Jeff Selingo, about the real value of a college education and the future of the higher education system.

When choosing a college, too few students or parents factor in sky-high tuition rates and the burden of student loan debt, which in the U.S. now tops a trillion dollars. In a few days, student loan rates are set to double unless Congress steps in. And more graduates are finding their skills out of sync with the job market, making evaluating the real value of a college education more important than ever. Kojo looks at what's in store for the U.S. higher education system.


Jeff Selingo

Editor-at-large, Chronicle of Higher Education; author, "College (Un)bound: The Future of Higher Education and What It Means For Students"

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