Critical Thinking Skills: Are Students Prepared for College ?

Critical Thinking Skills: Are Students Prepared for College ?

A star high school student has difficulty at college. He looks around, and sees others doing better, knowing how to think critically. Is his high school to blame for failing him? His parents? The country? Is this an isolated problem, or one with nation-wide application...

Are high schools failing kids by not teaching them critical thinking skills? At least one Georgetown University freshman says so. A star student in high school, he says he's behind many of his college peers when it comes to analyzing information. Some critics agree, and say most high schools nationwide fail to adequately prepare graduates for success in college. We look at solutions, including one local school system that's introducing Common Core standards.


Ikechukwu Umez-Eronini

sophomore, George Washington University; graduate, McKinley Technology High School, District of Columbia Public Schools

Dan Gordon

Deputy Chief of Academic Programming and Support, Office of the Chief Academic Officer, District of Columbia Public Schools

Thomas Nida

Former Chair, D.C. Public Charter School Board; and Regional President for DC and Maryland at United Bank(Original description)

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