Rasta & Reggae: Bob Marley's Legacy

Rasta & Reggae: Bob Marley's Legacy

He's a true global icon, despite having died more than forty years ago. We explore how Pan Africanism in Jamaica and the challenging history of the Rasta spiritual path influenced musical legend Bob Marley.

In Jamaica, the transition from British colonialism to independence spawned an interest in Pan Africanism that influenced one of the world's most popular musicians: Bob Marley. The icon's granddaughter joins Kojo and a documentary filmmaker to explore the evolution of Marley's devotion to the Rasta spiritual path and his mission to unite the world through music.


Donisha Prendergast

granddaughter of Rita & Bob Marley; and star of RasTa: A Soul's Journey

Patricia Scarlett

Executive Producer, "RasTa: A Soul's Journey"

Marilyn Gray

Producer, "RasTa: A Soul's Journey"

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