Hurricanes, Tornadoes & Severe Storms: Are you ready?

Guest Host:

Matt McCleskey
Hurricanes, Tornadoes & Severe Storms: Are you ready?

Tornadoes. Hurricanes. Severe Storms. Early-warning can protect people and property when severe weather hits. But how do you get people to actually HEED the warnings?

Computerized weather forecasting is increasingly accurate, yet death, injury, and property damage caused by severe weather is on the rise. Last year, in fact, tornado-related deaths hit record-breaking numbers. We hear how meteorologists and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration are tackling the challenge -- and trying to convince all Americans to take weather threats seriously.


Bill Callahan

Vice President of Federal Programs, Earth Networks

Chris Strager

Advisor for Science and Service Integration, National Weather Service

Veronica Johnson

NBC4 Meteorologist

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