Maryland's Honey Law: Why Beekeepers are Buzzing

Maryland's Honey Law: Why Beekeepers are Buzzing

Got a bear-shaped bottle in your cabinet? Is it filled with pure honey, gathered from bees who fed on plant nectar? Or maybe something much less appetizing...

You might be forgiven for thinking those bear-shaped containers in the supermarket always contain pure honey. In fact, there's little regulation when it comes to honey, and imitation products cut with corn syrup or other sweeteners are often substituted for the real thing. Maryland and other states are taking the step to define what constitutes pure honey, and the beekeeping community is abuzz. Join Kojo to explore what it means for you and your family.


Ed Mordan

President, Frederick County Beekeepers Association

Nancy Gentry

Master Beekeeper (certified by University of Florida Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences Extension Program); Owner, Cross Creek Honey (Interlachen, FL)

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