Late to School? You're in Trouble...

Late to School? You're in Trouble...

What should a teacher or school do when a student is repeatedly late ? At least one local school system is taking parents to court to emphasize the importance of arriving on time. What solution do you propose?

Everyone knows it can be hard to get kids out the door and to school each morning. But when the bell rings, children are supposed to be in class ready to learn. So what's a school to do if a child is repeatedly late -- even if it's only by a minute or two? One local county is bringing criminal charges against the parents of repeatedly tardy students. We explore why they've taken this approach, and ask whether it makes sense or whether it goes too far.


Janice D'Arcy

reporter, The Washington Post; 'On Parenting' blogger

William Bosher

Executive Director, Commonwealth Educational Policy Institute at Virginia Commonwealth University; former teacher, principal, local superintendent, and Superintendent of Public Instruction for the Commonwealth of Virginia

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