Urban Gleaning (Rebroadcast)

Urban Gleaning (Rebroadcast)

Gleaning is alive and well in our region, and local food pantries are even expanding their programs to include taking what remains after farmer's markets and picking from local fruit trees.

It's an idea that stretches back as far as the Old Testament: gathering leftover fruits and vegetables from farms, and redistributing it to the hungry. Gleaning is alive and well in our region, and food pantries are expanding outreach to small farms, farmers markets and restaurants. There are also a number of freegans--otherwise known as dumpster divers-- in our area who make the most of what restaurants throw away. We speak to "urban gleaners" about the bounty around us.


Sharon Feuer Gruber

Nutrition consultant, Bread for the City

Rod Parker

Owner, Parker Farms, Oak Grove, VA

Jeff Lebow

local "freegan"

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