Preserving and Pickling

Preserving and Pickling

A crash course on how to preserve and pickle everything from fruits and vegetables to your favorite meats ...

They're delicious ways to extended the life of many fruits, vegetables and meats: pickling and preserving. There's both a science and an art to creating, jarring and storing pickles, jams, preserves and chutneys. Kojo explores the craft with people who have a passion for pickling and preserving.


Ed Bruske

Co-Founder, DC Urban Gardeners; Certified Master Gardener; Blogger, The Slow Cook

Logan Cox

Executive Chef, Ripple (Washington, D.C.)

Nicole Donnelly

Master Preserver; Author, "Gin and Pickles"

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Slow Cook Ed Bruske's Pickling and Preserving Recipes

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    (An all-time favorite on Ed's blog, and one that he thinks highlights a great way to create wonderful flavors through preservation).

  2. Spicy Pickled Okra
    Okra is well-suited to the heat and humidity in D.C. This recipe shows how pickling often is an improvisation, using what the garden offers you in the way of ingredients.

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  5. Dark Days: Making Sauerruben

  6. Homemade St. Patty’s Day Corned Beef

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