Washington Arts

Washington Arts

He joins us to discuss his career, the arts scene, and why a younger generation could be changing Washington's reputation.

Relatively few local artists have found success in D.C. - a town where art can be an afterthought. Sam Gilliam chose to make his career as an artist here, founding a prominent art movement in the sixties. Sam continues to push the boundaries of painting today and thinks a younger generation could change Washington's reputation.


Sam Gilliam


B. Stanley

executive and artistic director, District of Columbia Arts Center

E. Ethelbert Miller

Literary activist and board chair of the Institute for Policy Studies. His latest book is "The 5th Inning," a second memoir and the first book published by Busboys and Poets.

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A Peek at Sam Gilliam's "Close to Trees:"

All images from artist Sam Gilliam's "Close to Trees." A site-specific installation. Acrylic, polypropylene, nylon, and a mirror. Courtesy Marsha Mateyka Gallery:

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