Wednesday, Dec 19 2007

Special Education in D.C.

It was a revelation that surprised many D.C. officials: local special education students are being sent hundreds of miles away to a Massachusetts school that uses shock therapy as a form of discipline. But some critics say it was just...

Wednesday, Dec 19 2007

End-of-Year Finances

It's the time of year when we tend to blow through our careful budgeting and throw financial cares to the wind. But there are still opportunities to make amends for your holiday spending. Join Kojo as we look at everything from tax...

Wednesday, Dec 19 2007

Maryland’s Voting Rights Controversy

If you'll be 18 when election day rolls around in November, should you be allowed to participate in your state's primaries, even though you're only 17? Most states say "yes", though the Maryland Board of Elections recently said "no."...

Wednesday, Dec 19 2007

The Year in Obituaries

It may seem like an odd place to take stock of today's headlines. But the obituary page can be a great place to remember the unique personalities and quirky stories of the people who have led nations, invented new products, and recorded...

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Meline Toumani: “There Was And There Was Not”

Tuesday, Nov 25 2014A journalist by training, Meline Toumani shocked friends and family by moving to Turkey and embarking on a journey to understand a people and a country she'd been taught were the enemy. The result is "There Was and There Was Not," part political history, part deeply personal memoir.

Sexual Assault At UVA

Tuesday, Nov 25 2014The Rolling Stone writer who described a gang rape and other sexual assaults at the University of Virginia joins Kojo to look at the challenges of treating rape as a violent crime.

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