Wednesday, May 12 12 p.m. (ET)

Business Management

Brazilian businessman Ricardo Semler has been radically rethinking business management styles for years. Now, he's trying to convince the rest of us. A look at his often controversial suggestions.

Wednesday, May 12 1 p.m. (ET)

Alexander Hamilton

Born an illegitimate child in the Carribean, he later died in a duel with a Vice President. Alexander Hamilton's biographer joins us to discuss the unknown and controversial life of this founding father.

Wednesday, May 12 1:32 p.m. (ET)

Spring Arts Celebration — Poetry Series

Kids and Poetry. It can start with Dr. Seuss, but it doesn't need to end there. Our Spring Arts Celebration continues as local poet Joel Dias Porter performs his own work and explores the influence poetry can have on children.

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